Scale Without Changing Angle of Polygon

I thought I could do this easily with SCALE1D but it seems it does not work like I thought it did.

I have a polygon, four sides, four vertices. I want to scale this polygon in y direction, increasing only its height, maintaining its proportions and angles. I want the length of the piece to be fixed also.

Here I used SCALE1D, but the angle of the shape changed, it got deformed. Its logical because you are scaling in 1D. But I want this to work as if it was a regular rectangle, just keeping its width and angles fixed, increasing the height on both opposites sides.


Hello - try Ctrl-Click on the edge that you want to be moved and drag it - you can constrain the direction if needed with AlongLine and snapping to one of the vertical edges with Near. ExtendSrf may also help.


Im afraid I need something similar to Scale commands: I want to use the ratio to scale other shapes at the same time.

My shape has 0.0010cm in border, which I need to be 2cm. This means a scale factor of 2000. I need to increase the height of all my shapes, about 83, to this scale factor, but only their height. Keeping width and angles the same.

Thanks you



I believe this is an impossibility. Take Pascal’s method, see what happens. Say one of the sides to be scaled is 4 units long and the other is 5 units long. Drag the edge one unit. You have scaled one side 25% and the other 20%, although the angles are unchanged. This assumes that the sides you are scaling are both parallel to the direction of scale. If they are not the angles will change as well.

Of course, it may not matter at a scale factor of 2000. Take the side which is 4 units, times 2000 would be 8000 units. Drag the edge 7996 units. Now that edge is scaled by a factor of 2000 (8000/4) and the other edge is scaled by a factor of 1600.2 (8001/5), but they are now nearly identical (8000/8001=0.999875).

Hi ShynnSup - If the edge to move is 90 degrees to the scale direction, you can select the edge and Scale1D just that edge from the base corner without upsetting any angles.

If the objects simple untrimmed two point by two point surfaces you can get there by scaling the points that are at the ends of the edge to move.