Scale Objects

I found a tree script online, in which you set points and low poly trees are made, but I am having trouble scaling the trees. When I set multiple points and try to scale the trees (base and canopy) it doesn’t scale to the reference point and the scaling is off. Or when I do it, multiple bases are made for each tree and I don’t get why. (10.4 KB)

I’ve set multiple points, and I get the trees. But I want to scale them, and there are weird issues that occur when doing so, such as multiple cylinders appearing for one tree, or all the canopy’s grouping together.

You need to internalise the geometry and re-upload.

Im sorry about that. (29.3 KB)

Sounds like you’re having problems with mis-matched lists / DataTrees.

In the script you posted the sliders are used to set ranges for the scale of the base and canopy and the number of facets in the canopy.

If you have modified the script to modify the geometry after it has been generated, you need to post your modified script.


Yes, you have mis-matching DataTrees.

Note that theScale component Geometry input has 1 wire connected that is a list and 1 wire connected that is a DataTree. The wire connected to the Center input is a list.

Try this (12.0 KB)


Thank you, that really clear things up.