Scale NU towards a same point

Hi Everyone,
I am working with a set of volumes that will later on be copied with vectors. However, before doing such, I am struggling with scaling volumes like in the screenshot (and attached rhino file). I believe I should select a different point for each set of volumes, but I can’t figure out how to do it without losing the tree structure I constructed. Is there any way to do it without losing the tree structure? Thank you!

scale NU.3dm (535.5 KB)

scale (73.7 KB)

how? your screenshot doesn’t reveal much
what are you trying to do? your selected geometry already scales to what’s on your screenshot

are you talking about grafting?

or this?
scale (82.7 KB)

hi! Thank you for your reply! What I would want is similar to your second screenshot, but It would end up looking like this:

Two boxes in the same axis would scale towards the center of the whole volume.

Is not easier if you generate the two types of square size from the ground? As a surface and then elevate them in z with a series. A series for each type of surface, and when these surfaces are high you do the extrude or a simply loft ( if you elevate the curves). I think that its a better way to make what you want

Yes, probably, but there should be a way that I can replace the new items for the old ones and I don’t know how to do it :/. Thank you!

Hi! Is there any way to do this but alternating the rectagnles I want to scale? like in this picture?

I was thinking of maybe rebuilding the boxes with half the size and then using replace Item, but I have no idea on how to do it. Thanks!!

Maybe I’m wrong, but is this not just a rotation?

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Hi @Michael_Pryor
It ends up looking like such, but I need for it to be a scale rather than a rotation! Than you!

Why do you need a scaling, and what can be scaled, everything, or the boxes surrounding the core?

Hi @akilli
I need to scale it because it is the recreation of an existing model, and It works with scale rather than rotating. And what I need to be scaled are the boxes surrounding the core in an alternated pattern (like in this following screenshots).

Thank you!

Maybe I’m missing something, but I still can’t see why you wouldn’t use a bit of rotation along the way.
Is this anything like what you’re looking for?

scale (16.8 KB)


Check this as well…

scale (65.7 KB)