Scale NU scale both ways on one axis

Hi, I am new to GH and I am following along a tutorial I found online. I did exactly what the tutorial told me to do but there is a step that my GH file that did not react the same way as the tutorial. Hope to seek an answer here.

As I high lighted here. When I connect a scale slider to Scale NU, my green extruded plane only scales inwards. (from the h frame) I need it to scale both ways inwards and outwards on X-axis. What should I do?

Thank you

Oval to (23.5 KB)


Sorry. Attached.

Hi, I just encountered this problem too. Does anyone was able to solve it?

Scale NU scales from the origin of the plane supplied to its input parameter P. The orientation of that plane controls the X, Y and Z directions. A default World XY plane is provided: you need to override this if you want your scaling to originate elsewhere/apply to a different orientation.