Scale more object

Hi there,

I have 2 cylinders withe different dimension and orientation, but I want to modify them at the same time by increasing the diameter. Since they are not oriented the same direction and angle…how can I proceed? With box edit i can t do this cause I need to have them in a same plan xyz if I am right.
Any suggestion would be nice :slight_smile:

I think the only way to do this now is by sub-selecting (Ctrl+Shift+LMB) each end face (individually) of each cylinder, and applying your scale factor via the Gumball, set it to “Align to object” then shift+click on the scale handle and enter the scale factor. It might in fact be easier just to redraw the cylinders using the existing one as a guide to snap the axes… Maybe there’s another way I haven’t thought of, though.


are you asking for a theoretical solution? 2 cylinders is of course not a lot. if the position of each cylinder is crucial you can also use Cplane with option object and scale the equal values in Boxedit, you can also keep the faces in that case. Unfortunately no option for doing that on both at the same time once the orientation has changed as you said, at least not with rhino itself as far as i know. grasshopper could help probably but that depends on how often and how many you might want to edit this way.

Ok thank you so much, I was hoping to have a comand able to change size of elements completely random between each other. It was a simple example the 2 cylinders, cause I am working on a complex model made of thousand of bamboo sticks that have different dimension, orientation and height and only same profile diameters that I need to resize for each of them!

The glumball with the option Align to object it s quite smart and help me to make it faster, but it still not making easier in a complex model