Scale Mesh Uniformly Along a Spine

Hi, I have a question about scaling a mesh branch uniformly along an attractor spine or curve. Please see the attached image.

The branch is one of 12, they make a circle when aligned. As such there are two holds that cannot change, the outer diameter of the mesh and the length of the mesh must remain uniform, while the cross section of the mesh is reduced by 25%.

I’m having a hard time thinking about how to do this in a controlled and measured way. Any thoughts are appreciated!

You can make two pipe surfaces, with 1:0.75 radius ratio, and use flow along surface.

Or by using grasshopper.

Keep in mind that those 2 branches in the picture will scale too…

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I will try flow along surface and see if it can work. Good point about the two smaller branches, I hadn’t considered that yet.

With Grasshopper I figure there must be a good solution but I haven’t used it in years, I’m way out of practice!

You might want to use flowalongcrv to basically straighten the branch, then it may be much easier to scale it (maybe using cageedit). Then flowalongcrv again to bend it back.

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Thanks, that’s worth a try too. I was having some success with flow along surface but was getting tapering at the ends, and the smaller branches weren’t scaling uniformly. I have an idea of how to improve this, but will try your suggestion as well.