Scale bar in wrong units

Does anyone know whether VisualArq has a different setting for units on the scale bar? I cannot find it anywhere. For some reason, my scale bar is showing yards, yet all my Rhino settings are in Feet and Inches.


Hi @james.churchill,

The scale bar changes its units depending on the zoom:


Hi Alfonso, some perspective here. When we Americans work in Imperial, we don’t use Yards except for in very specific applications. It’s not like meters at all, it’s very strange.

It would be more useful if the scale simply changed to multiples of feet (5, 10, 20, etc).

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Yes, while I’m aware that 3 feet is 1 yard, to Clayton’s point, that isn’t really used in America from an architectural perspective and everything is scaled to feet - having to work out on the fly a yard conversion as well is not helpful. I would suggest this gets altered in the next release

Hi @james.churchill and @Clayton_Muhleman,

Ok, I’ll report this issue, thanks!

Thanks, Alfonso!

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