Scale 3D the enlargement lags behind the expected placement

I select the origin, then first ref point select the base of the item, then it asks second ref point, so as I move mouse to right to the new base point, surely the base of the item should keep up, it should be at the cursor tip, instead its lagging behind, so when I click the new base point, the item is not fitting as expected. Base is still to come some distance to where I clicked the new base point. I have to repeat the command and drag the mouse beyond the base and visually stop when the items base matches the destination base.

I get this time and time again, no doubt others have also.

What needs doing to rectify the move, should ortho be off or on ?

I use tab to restrain a move to the direction being moved in when tab was hit, use tab though on scaling and the situation above more often than not happens !

In this case I avoided tab, knowing that, yet annoyingly still get this.


Please post an example, with before, after, and points picked.


If you know the scaling numbers, just type it in numerically. For example, you would enter 1.5 for 150% larger.

I also sometimes draw a temporary line or point to be used for scaling snapping if the scene is busy / heavy … and its hard to select the reference point.

Finally, make sure that no layers or geometry are locked AND nothing is hidden.

Pascal I shall have to dig out a less busy example as this one is a rats nest, when I get time.

I have sometimes measured the before and after, but I am dubious on such if working to a dimension readout is as accurate as something going snap, which is the ultimate, zoom in and in etc and its still on the target line. In theory would a calculation based on a dimension giving 2decimal point be enough ? Also I may have have the dimension display set to 1dp.

I assume your ref line is a different colour or sticks out beyond the ‘busy object’.
Even with that this strange behaviour of the ref pt 1 not moving with the cursor would occur. I expect the ref pt1 to move with cursor as I move cursor to where it is to go ! I cannot figure out what is making it lag behind. no layers or geometry locked and nothing hidden. I get it happen many times on different pc’s and versions of rhino so its almost as if the command is a bit quirky.


It should be equally accurate. Instead of typing in the scale factor (1.5 in my example) you can go to the same number of decimal places as your file tolerance, like 1.625. Try it!

You can also type in ‘math’ to the command line. Let’s say you are going from 3.5 to 12. In the scale factor, type in 12/3.5. [No spaces allowed!] Rhino will do the math ‘on the fly’ and input 3.429.

Also, you mentioned that the reference line would scale. Just de-select it with the CTRL key.