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Not at the moment, the closest you can get is to use the print component and print to pdf.

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thanks for answering

Hi David,

first of all, thanks a lot for this amazing plugin, according what I have seen in sample files it does exactly what I was looking for in Grashopper.

Maybe this is primitive question, but after long struggling I have to ask if you have got any idea what is wrong with my data in the picture? Why it is not visible in Launch window, or it is just visible as 0. Is my data format wrong? I assumed that for one data branch, it should create and visualize one bar of values in the branch. Am I wrong?

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I just took Aviary for a spin (WIP 1.01.0001) and it’s awesome, thanks for putting it all together @DavidMans!

There is a small inconsistency in how saving to bitmap and SVG work, however. While bitmap respects the boundary, SVG shifts the geometry somehow. Please refer to the attached screenshots. Hope this helps.



Thanks, good catch!
I’ll definitely take a look into that one and post and update as soon as I figure it out

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This issue and a few others with arcs, ellipses, and circles should now be fixed in the latest version of Aviary. This also includes the new version of the bitmap editing library Macaw as well.

Hi David!
Thank you very much for your plugin!
Currently I am using the bitmap-functioniality of your plugin.
I have a bricks-similiar pattern. They are overlapping a little bit, this is why I staggered the rows, so the overlapping with the native-display component is not randomly. It is working with within GH, but not when I try to export it to a bitmap. I assume, that the shapes will be projected to the WorldPlane. Is it somehow possible to declare a drawing order ?



the BMP:

Could you possibly share a bit of the definition?
I’d definitely like to help, but cant quite tell whats happening from the images and description.

Hello David!
Thank you very much for your answer!
I will upload a defintion, where you can see the problem I mentioned.
Looking forward for a solution!
Bumaye (443.7 KB)

@DavidMans Hello David!

Im struggling with the Linear and Radial Gradient components. When I go to preview the drawing, I receive this error:

Solution exception:Unable to cast object of type ‘Aviary.Wind.Graphics.Fill’ to type ‘Aviary.Wind.Graphics.GradientLinear’.

Any idea what I may be doing wrong? I’ve attempted to reinstall Aviary twice to no avail.

Thanks for your help!


Is it possible to create text objects for SVG output using Aviary? Posts from 2017 implied this was in the works but I haven’t seen anything since.

Is this currently possible or in development?

I wonder if there is a way to get view-port scene object mask alpha channel in black and white image
I only need a black background with the object pure white inside as in the below picture

thanks in advance