Saving with transparent background makes the glass disappear

I have modelled a curtain wall design, with glas but when using “ViewCaptureToFile” and saving it with a transparent bakround makes the glas disappear, which you can see on the two models on the left and right. The model in the middle is when I used the same commando but saved without transparent bakround. Is it not possible to save it with a transparent bakround and still make the glas visible?

Perhaps test it by changing the Glass material so it is less than 100% transparent?
Maybe give it slight green or blue tint as well.

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a build on JB’s thought, try a transparent plastic as opposed to glass… set the transparency to like 95% with a slight tint.

occasionally plastic with transparency is easier to control than glass for certain types of looks.

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I tried both suggestions, no difference when just changing transparency, but a little difference when using plastic as material and setting the transparency to 95% or other. However still not good enough. There where some wierd lines when importing the image to indesign. But the glas is still not cut through as it should be like in the image in the middle without transparent bakground.