Saving Sun position to named view

Hi there,

i have been doing some rendering with rhino Sun and vray and realised that i may not batch render my sceene (with out creating 7 separate files) because every camera angle has a different sun position. so my question is there a way to save sun positions to named views?


In the upcoming Rhino 6 (current Rhino BETA) you’ll have the ability to use SnapShots (like named views/named positions, but superseding those with greatly improved functionality).

As far as I know there is no way to do what you want in Rhino 5.

@Blastered, not to named views in V5 but to file using the *.rsun format. There are two litle buttons in the Rhino Sun dialog, one to open and one to save. To do the batch process and change the sun positions for each named view, you could save the 7 sun positions first, then restore them before restoring a named view:

_-RenderSunOptions _Options _Load "C:\MySun1.rsun" _Enter
_-NamedView _Restore "MyView1" _Enter
_-SafeRenderWindowAs "C:\MyView1.png"



the snapshots are amazing. Thanks.

A bit OT, but thanks @clement for pointing out the rsun format.
I had a precious find in there: I don’t think it is exposed in Rhino UI but one can actually control the intensity of the sun shadow (or Transparency if you like) by manually editing that file:

<shadow-intensity type="double">0.5</shadow-intensity>

Try exporting, editing that line and re-importing…
This is very useful, especially for scenes with no Skylight, since now the shadows often are too dark. Changing the Shadow Color from the DisplayMode doesn’t cut it since brighter colors don’t mean ‘transparency’, just a solid color, so often they would cause the effect of the shadow being brighter than lit area…

@Andy - this is yet another display setting that I wish was available in the Sun UI, without tricks.
I know the standard response is “we are trying to make all work out of the box” but the reality is every project is different and making it all work with limited settings is unrealistic (to put it politely :wink: ) Please allow us to decide what works best by exposing settings that are already there. Make your “default” as close as possible to work “out of the box” but from there let more advanced or curious users tweak it and even “screw it up” - one can always reset to defaults.

While at it, let’s add a wish for Sunlight Intensity parameter :sunny:



That would be great, i always avoid the sun and use a directional light because i need to have a way to adjust the light intensity. btw. nice observation with the shadow intensity :sunny:

I’ll also include a link to a similar question the OP had. It may be related.



do you think that sun needs some attention. shadow and light intensity along with saving sun azimuth and altitude to namedviews may be for Rhino 7.

oh by the way what about moon and stars?? is it silly?