Saving SetObjDisplayMode

I’m finding that SetObjDisplayMode settings aren’t maintained after save/reopen. Anyone else had this experience.

It works here in Version 6 SR16
(6.16.19183.8571, 7/2/2019)
try this–1 ghosted 1 shaded (vp setting)
box view.3dm (102.5 KB)

Thanks. I created a detail window in that file (that’s what I’m having trouble with) and it saved/opened with the setting retained. But it’s not doing that with a project of mine. I’m on Release 14 because of some dimension issues in subsequent releases, but I’ll have to look into this more…


Hello - keep in mind that the setting is per object, per viewport.


Yes, I’m considering that with this issue. It’s in a viewport that the Command ceases on opening/closing.