Saving of the 3dm File


I noticed that sometimes I cannot save .3dm file directly to Dropbox location.
Saving locally works perfectly.

Any hint why?


Saving does not work at all? What happens? Any error messages?

Is your Dropbox folder on the network or local?


Hello, Mitch,
Dropbox folder is local - but synchronised with Cloud.
No errors or anything else… in the command line after SaveAs nothing appears.
When saving to another folder successfully - standard message appears: “File XXX… was successfully saved.”

OK, seems to be working here with both _Save and _SaveAs, so I don’t know what might be happening… --Mitch

That is the problem. It is happening not every time. At some point, I just cannot save it anymore…

Hi Dmitry - I have seen this on my GoogleDrive folder - if I try again a little later all is well - since it happened in my case with a fairly large file, I concluded tentatively that there was a sync going on at the same time as I was saving. The bak file also gets synced so that is extra overhead and time as well. I’ll ask folks around here if that is likely - I have not seen this in a while, myself.