Saving layouts, how? - both viewports and toolbars

Hello everyone,

I’m running into two problems;

  1. Every now and then my custom made toolbars or shelfed tools disappear without a way to re-load them except manually recreating the toolbars, and dragging all icons in it again, including self made scripts, icon images etc.

  2. Viewport layout. For some parts of the workflow I like to use a default layout like the example here-under, and I would like to be able to load this layout.

So I would like to know;

  • How to save/load my toolbars
  • How to save/load a viewport layout
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Found out where to supposedly save & open toolbars, I have not yet tested it but thought I’d share it in advance:

What you want to do is save a blank file with the viewport layout as you want. Store it somewhere known, then in any document, use the command ReadViewportsFromFile and browse to to your viewport “template”. Viewport layouts can also be stored in your templates directly, just save them with your layout as you want.

The toolbar editor can also be found here…

HTH, —Mitch

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Thanks Mitch, that will do just fine, I assume I would be able to make a button with a simple script to execute the “ReadViewportsFromFile:Layout-X.3do” as a command with set parameters?

Yep. First, put a “-” dash in front of -ReadViewportsFromFile. That will bypass the dialog. Then you need to put the full file path in there enclosed in quotes. -ReadViewportsFromFile “C:\filepath\Layout-X.3dm”


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Thanks a bunch!

Hi Everyone,

Is there a way to save the layout of your panels? as in when you use individual panels for functions, i.e, one panel for layers, one panel for properties and so on…?

they seem to always change for me and I have to re organise them…


Hi Chris - do they re-shuffle every time you open Rhino?


Hi Pascsal,

Im very sorry for the delay in getting back to you.

I don’t have an exact answer for you here, as in, I can’t figure out what triggers the change…

I work on a desktop computer at home with two monitors, and then I work on a laptop whilst at uni with an external monitor. My rhino account is the same for both systems, so I am s=assuming it has something to do with that…?

Also, it does seem to change from file to file…?


Hi Chris -

We’ve got that issue on our list as RH-35026 and I’ve added your post to that item.

That it misbehaves on two different systems doesn’t have anything to do with the Rhino account. It just means that it doesn’t work as it should…

Hello. If you are willing to use Rhino 8 WIP you can save layouts now.

The Rhino 8 “WindowLayout” command does not save the Viewport Layouts. I want to change my Default 4 viewports layouts sequence, without have to “ReadViewportLayoutFromFile” every time I open Rhino. Someone can help, me?

Hi Gustavo - that is the way, for now. You can put it in a macro on a button or alias:

_ReadViewportsFromFile "Full path to file"


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Hi, Thanks! Is there any way to execute the command/macro automatically when Rhino iniciates?

Hi Gustavo - you can put the macro in the start-up commands in Options > General page. You can also make a template file with yhe viewports as you like and set that template to be the one to use when Rhino starts.


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Thank you, it worked!