Saving large 2D printable file for plotter

I have to print out a large 2D pattern of curves that I need to cut from fabric, and my pattern is around 30 inches long by 12 inches wide. What is the best way to save out a large 2D printable file so that I can take it to a print store and print it on paper in 1:1 scale?


Probably best to chat with the print store and see what they prefer.

Thanks Steve. What I’m doing now is going into Print, then saving out a PDF 1:1 scale of different sections of my screen, then combining them in Photoshop. Couldn’t the Print dialogue box offer this feature - i.e., save out a (large) 1:1 scale image somehow? Seems like this would be really useful to anyone needing printed designs, patterns, etc.


What I’m trying next is: save out a 1:4 scale PDF, then open that in Photoshop and scale it up by 400%. Hopefully this will work…

That is what the ‘layout’ features in Rhino are for. This functionality should eventually be available in Mac Rhino in a point release.

In the past I have printed to a custom size PDF file that I then plotted on a 40-inch plotter. I’m not sure why you need different sections of the screen. I don’t have a PDF printer installed on this PC so I cannot check how exactly that was done. But there were no layouts involved at least.

Aha! Custom size paper option was what I was missing. I knew there must be a way to do this. thank you Wim!

Do you have Illustrator? That would be a better option for large-format high-resolution print output than Photoshop.

I don’t have Illustrator, but using the the technique that Wim pointed out - using a Custom Paper Size in the Print settings - I can save out a PDF exactly the size/resolution that I need for printing. I ended up printing at Staples on a standard 24x36" paper that they have. Only cost $3.50 a sheet too :slight_smile: