Saving in WIP 6.0.17178.4271, 27-Jun-17

Hi All,

Some odd things happening here whilst saving a large file - whilst saving the viewport display changes to a couple of steps previous (ie if one has just performed a trim the display shows the surface before the trim whilst saving) then reverts when saving process is done. No crash but disconcerting all the same.

Windows 10 Pro, Quadro K4000.


The same here.

Thing is, my Rhino v5 is doing it now as well…


Hi Phil,

This used to happen a long time ago, I remember it being a problem in… V4? Maybe early V5 WIPS? The discussion about it must have been on the old newsgroup. But it seems it was more or less fixed in V5 - or I just got used to it and don’t see it anymore… I do see some flickering of the display sometimes when saving large files, but not the complete reversion that I remember way back.


Hi Mitch,

Hope things are well with you… Thanks, I’ve only noticed this today and haven’t checked this on other machines here - if I find out anything more I’ll post.


Hi Phil - thanks, we have that one as but apparently it is not reproducible, yet.