Saving Font name with object

How can I save the name of a Font that I’ve used to create a Text object with the object as part of properties or as an ID?

Maybe in the Notes?

Try SetUserText to attach it to an object and GetUserText to retrieve it.

Hi John -

I hadn’t used the setusertext command before. I just looked it up in the help file and still don’t understand what it does. Is it an object-specific notes panel?

One very simple (and immediately visible) way might also be to just name the object including the font name…


It’s a way to attached information (like notes), to an object in a less volatile and destructible way than Notes or an Object name. The main advantage is if you need the information to be accessible from DotNET scripting, then it’s easy to get.

Naming the object might be a better compromise between object specific like you need and accessible since it shows in the object Properties panel when the object is selected.

This is a hack I use for all kinds of notes, whether its dimensions, fonts, or anything important. The Annotate dot (under the Drafting toolbar) is great because I can place it right where its needed, but also keep it on a separate ‘note’ layer so it won’t get in the way.

Would it be possible (as an option) to pack all the font used in a file in a 3dm file? I very often use different than Windows standard font choice and each time I swap machines I need to install missing fonts.