Saving Failure

Hi @gian
You are the only person I know that is facing this issue, but there is a good chance there are many users out there who would also experience this issue and not report the problem to us.

I added some code to try and diagnose the cause of the problem that we can try now with the latest 7.8 release candidate. Here’s what you can do to help test.

  • Get the latest 7.8 release candidate from last week.
  • Change WriteLocalTempFileWhenSaving to true and validate that you can’t save to your network drive
  • After the file fails to save, run the test command TestLocalTempWriteDebug. If I was able to detect the error, I try to write a message to the command line. Please let me know what the command line says after you run this command. Even if it says “no error detected” that gives me a clue I’m looking in the wrong place.