Saving 'Edit - Undo Multiple' option with a File Save

When I reopen a closed saved rhino 6 file, it loses the ability to ‘edit undo multiple’, e.g it loses my edit history.
I know I can do an incremental save, but just saving the ‘edit undo multiple’ option with the file would be nicer.
Is there an option to save this ‘editing history’ with the file so i can ‘edit undo multiple’ the next time I open my Rhino file ?

No, there is not unfortunately. When a file is closed, the “undo stack” is purged, so you cannot go backwards again…

Thanks for the quick reply. Just thought it might be an option because I don’t know Rhino that well.
My files are usually very simple for 3D printing and often its nice to undo a few steps, resize or move an object, and reprint without bothering to have a big list of incremental saves. Maybe it can be a future feature.

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I agree this would be a very useful feature when working on a lengthy MIP (Model In Progress).

I’m sure the decision to not include it was made back in the early days of Rhino when the hot ticket computers had 800 Mhz single CPUs and 200 MB hard drives, but in this day and age of 4 GHz multiple CPUs and 4 TB hard and SSD drives it shouldn’t be too big a deal. The ability to save without it should still be retained though.

I’ve added this thread to the existing wish list item that is on the heap: RH-30692

I’d like to add that it should probably be independently optional and not just part of “save small”.