Saving display setting changes

it takes milliseconds in Win and up to 30 second for Mac.
Any reason why it takes so long?

it wasn’t always like that on Mac.
it used to be instantaneous but for the past few months, i too get the beach ball when making changes to display settings.

Sorry, I need some hand-holding on this one. How would I go about reproducing this? I presumed it was Preferences… > Display Modes > …then what? Can I get a step-by-step?

It sounds like you are talking about something that would be in the Rhino preferences, so can I please also get your com.mcneel.rhinoceros.plist?

hey @dan

try Preferences -> Display Modes…

it will open with the Wireframe mode selected… make a change (for example, uncheck ‘Show isocurves’)…

now close the dialog… it will hang for around 20-30 seconds until the change is registered and you can continue modeling.

[edit]-- here’s my .plist

com.mcneel.rhinoceros.plist (478.7 KB)

Thanks @jeff_hammond! I see that now (MR-3202). Before, I was just navigating back to the main Preferences menu and I wasn’t seeing it. Once I closed the dialog completely, I noticed it too ~10 seconds to close.

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Hey @jeff_hammond-

We dug into this more and we think we can make this faster, but we’ll have to defer this to V6 as the change is more complicated - and potentially risky - than we’d like.

The reason this is slow is that you have a lot of custom display modes and Rhino for Mac is having to iterate through all the settings each time. (Our fix would be to isolate those that are dirty and just save those).


thanks for checking it out.
V6 is fine (imo).

it’s not so bad if you know exactly the changes that need made… the current behavior just makes it a little tricky to experiment with different settings.

Could these two problems be, possibly, related?

I do not believe these two issues are related. Thanks for alerting me to the other one; I’ll take a look.