Saving custom colors

is there a way to build your own pallette of colors? Maybe an alternate color picker?

Hello - in plain Rhino, there are two things you can do, that I can think of anyway - one is to modify, ‘by hand’ the colors/txt file here:



This file is what Rhino reads to put colors in the list on the color picker. Yes, it should be easier but that’s how it is…

The other is to save single color textures as .rtex files from the texture panel. These can then me used as colors that will affect any material that uses them - i.e. you can edit the color of multiple materials from a single texture.


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Any plans for a custom picker at any point?

You can make raster file with your favorite colors and you can pick the colors with Rhino eye dropper. Before picking the colors insert the raster file with PictureFrame command and disable its diffuse lighting (in material properties).

In this same line of thinking, can we just reverse the ‘Synchronize Render Colors’ command to the display color of a layer can match to whatever material has been applied to that layer and/or object? That way the workflow can go flow out from a standardized material color and drive how elements are visualized for modeling or documentation purposes.