Saving as duplicate file and Mirroring problem

Hi guys, when I’m working in a file that I’ve saved, and I create a new version of the object I’m working on, when I ‘save as duplicate’ it means I don’t want to save the old file I was working in.

This is what happens now when I close the previous file. And always happens, whenever I make a change and then close the file, it never asks me ‘you’ve made changes, do you want to save your changes’?

It always just saves my file. It happened a lot to me that I deleted an object to try and make a render as an example and that I would close the file and then it would save the file with the object deleted! When I make a change and then close the file it would be great if I could close it without saving the made changes.

Am I doing something wrong? Or is there something in my settings I can change to solve this?

Also, since the latest version, when I ‘mirror’ an object, the surfaces are not projected, however they are really there!!

Image included in this post:

Hi Marinus- in the Apple menu > System preferences > General, check the box for ‘Ask to keep changes when closing documents’ I am not sure this setting is available before about OSX 10.8, maybe?

For now, to work around the Mirror problem, Explode/Join the mirrored object,


Hi Pascal, thanks, indeed I already exploded/joined.

I will change the setting in the Apple menu too, so it’s more intuitive to me :smile:

Did you already know about the error when mirroring?
And is there a place where I can report bugs like these the next time? I’ve come across a lot already!

Good luck with the software,

  • Marinus