Saving as a dwg file

Hi…When I save a Rhino file to a dwg file ,then try to reopen the dwg file in rhino I get a white screen with no grid.
Somethings not right any suggestions.
Thanks Steve

Can you post a rhino file that exhibits this issue together with the dwg export settings that you use?

kurtis zedler.dwg (60.6 KB)
lastest tops and sink 1.3dm (305.4 KB)

Please see attachments

Thanks Steve

lastest tops and sink 1.3dm (305 KB)

kurtis zedler.dwg (60.6 KB)

Hi @stevepeterson.

Just checking the DWG in AutoCAD, there are some objects on the ‘cut’ layer, and a point, at approx 9700 ft at 35 degrees from the other objects at 0,0.
Delete or freeze those and I am sure you will be good.


Hi Steve- when Rhino opens the file it Zooms Extents and you have objects very far from one another, so the extents are large and the objects visually tiny, but there. You may want to Export rather than SaveAs to get only the objects you want in the dwg.


Thanks that worked perfect.



Thanks that worked great.

Steve Peterson