Saving a particular perspective view

I am using Rhino as a way to produce 3D images of ironwork that I propose to build for customers. I have a specific view of a table in the attached file using PEN in the perspective view that I’d like to save in a format that I can paste into a word processor. Every method I have tried to use to save the image that I see, fails to produce the image in anything else I can use. It’s driving me crazy. Is there a method to save what I see in the perspective window? In the past (I’m a fairly new Rhino user) I’ve been able to use the render window but in this particular drawing, the render window blows out the details I want shown. Hope this makes sense.river-table-1.3dm (854.7 KB)

Have you tried ‘view capture to file’ ?

Hi Joe,

_ViewCaptureToFile command may help.
If you use a version of the command with hypen _-ViewCaptureToFile you will be able to set custom pixel size of the view capture.



Man, am I glad I’ve got you guys for help. _viewcapturetoclipboard worked for me. I had no idea this command was available. I’ve got a lot to learn. Getting there slowly.

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