"Saving" a cage deformation to apply to other objects

I think in the specific case I’m dealing with now FlowAlongSrf will be adequate to give me the behaviour I want since it is a 2D deformation, but it might well be handy to be able to reapply a cage deformation to different objects, relative to the initial cage, or I suppose like FlowAlongSrf relative to some other cage.

Hi Jim - I don’t know if this fits the bill quite, but if you detach a deformed cage from its captives and apply the cage to other objects, they will be deformed accordingly -there may be a bug in that still, I think,in that it requires one edit to the cage to make the deformation kick in.


It does? I’ll check that.

Hmm- I must say I am not sure it does it right, exactly, in my test of the moment… I’ll fuss with it some more.



Yeah when I tried it yesterday I thought I got some ‘odd’ results.