Saved states not available?

I am excited about the new saved states feature - but just tried to upload a new GH file and am unable to find the saved state option. I can see a tab with an option to “only show my states” when I view the file on SD in my library, but no way to save a state. I also have no option to save a state when I imbed an iFrame. I am using Rhino 6 with the latest SD plugin and have a Shapediver PRO account.


On the Saved States tab, you can create a new state by clicking on the + button at the top right of the panel:


Do you not see this button? If you just missed it, I will make a note that we should make it more prominent in the panel.

Regarding iframes: when a model is embedded through an iframe, anyone can open an anonymous session to the model and therefore saving states does not make sense in this context. A saved states is associated with a ShapeDiver account. The one thing we will include with the iframe in the future is the list of public saved states created by the owner of the model.

Here is documentation about the current state of the feature: Saved States

Thanks! I was hoping it would be available in the iFrame, but at least public saved states will be a good start.

My model does show the saved states tab, and yet I cannot find the “+” button to save a state:


Looking forward to being able to include saved states!

Just to be clear: are you saying that you do not see the + button in the model view page on the platform, or in the iframe? Could you link to your model here so I can investigate if the problem happens in the platform?

I can’t see the “+” button in the iFrame or on the platform, and my model is private. I could not see it when I changed the model to public either. Could it be a result of the type of subscription I have?

You experience this issue because you have a legacy “Pro” subscription, which do not include the Saved States feature.

I’ve created a model in “private” mode and generated several private saved states within it. Based on the documentation’s description, I expected these saved states to be accessible when embedding the model via iframe or when providing access to the model via a link. However, I couldn’t find the saved states button in either scenario.

The documentation states, “If the model is ‘Private’, only the ShapeDiver users you share the model with have access to those [Public] saved states.” Does this specifically refer to direct sharing with ShapeDiver users, rather than link sharing?

But, the platform doesn’t allow me to create a public saved state in a private model; it states, “The model visibility restricts the visibility of this saved state” and rejects the public setting. This means I cant share this saved state with shapediver user either.

In this forum discussion, I came across a statement from you mentioning, “The one thing we will include with the iframe in the future is the list of public saved states created by the owner of the model.” Do you have plans to implement this feature in the future?

In conclusion, my question is: will there be a possibility to display saved states in the iframe model for all users? I believe this would be a highly beneficial feature!

Your post raises several interesting points, which we are currently working on in order to improve the saved states feature.

Without going into too much details here, I can already tell you that in the next platform release, there will be a possibility to include any saved states in embedded iframes, by means of a new saved state property. I will update this topic as soon as this update is released.

Regarding direct sharing with other ShapeDiver users, you can always share each saved state individually, just like you can share private models.

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