Save Window is (Almost) Fullscreen and Not Resizeable

Whenever I save anything (in Rhino 6, Rhino 7, and Rhino 8), my save window is almost fullscreen and I cannot resize it. I just assumed it was the way the devs intended Rhino to work. But today, I watched one of the devs using Rhino and the save window was a normal window on his computer.

I get a sizing handle, but it doesn’t do anything. I’ve had this issue for years, btw, before Rhino 8 was ever even a thing. However, I think there was a time when it worked normally for me.

(One thing that might be the cause is I have opened files made in older Matrix versions on my computer. Is it possible some weird setting was triggered by those files? But I don’t know, that’s just the only thing I can think of.)

So I was wondering if anyone else is having this issue (It’s a small if slightly annoying issue) and is there a way to fix it?