Save Surfaces from Curves to original layers

I have a batch of 400+ curves on individual layers from which I want to create planar surfaces and then extrude them. I can process them at the same time but the resultant surfaces all go to the default layer. How can I automatically save the multiple planar surfaces created from the curves to the the curve’s original layer without having to do them one at a time?

Maybe try this script and see if it works for you… (1.2 KB)

This works PERFECTLY! Thank You!

Thanks again for the previous script. It was very helpful.

I am now trying to relocate the gumball of all of my 2000+ objects to 0,0,0 so that they can all rotate around the origin pt.

I can’t find anything like it, except for however, it only works for blocks, but mine are closed curves, open surfaces, closed polysurface objects and open mesh objects.

I have tried to create a script myself, but I am totally lost in the terminology and syntax.

Any help is appreciated.


Why do you need to do this? Can’t you just select all the objects and use Rotate with 0 as the center point?

Here is a hack script that should do this. Select the objects and then pick the point where you want the Gumball pivot to go (type 0 and Enter if it’s the origin).

Note it appears that the only way to do this currently is to script the GumballRelocate command and iterate through all the objects, and the screen needs to be redrawn for each one. For a lot of objects you may notice your screen flashing while the script is working. (991 Bytes)

And here is the antidote to reset all selected objects gumball back to default: (659 Bytes)


Good question. I need to be able to individually position the objects. I am simulation drift of land masses, continents and tectonic plate movement around the globe. I want to rotate them along the surface of the globe into different positions. This will ultimately be a Bongo animation.

I created a macro button to make the Gumball relocation a little bit easier. Here is my very simplistic macro:

! _GumballRelocate

It works well, but it seems that I have to select them individually, because if I select a number of them, the Gumballs do not go to 0,0,0.


Yep, I discovered that while testing the script. The script should allow you to do all selected objects at once.