Save (some) plugin data

I just installed V-ray 6 for Rhino and if i save the file with plugin data, it also saves over 2GB of V-ray plugin data (even though I didn’t use it). I can’t simply un-tick Save plugin data, because I’m also using VisualARQ and Lands Design. Any ideas how I can keep the file size manageable while keeping other plugin data?

Hi, could you disable Vray unless you need it? Seems like in the past there were issues like this. You may have to contact the Chaos group.—-Mark


There is absolutely no way to have your file grow by 2GB just because you have V-Ray enabled. Every plugin saves 2 kinds of plugin data - document plugin data and object plugin data. V-Ray saves both of them, both in form of embedded json strings.
If you don’t have V-Ray objects, materials and embedded textures, the data blob is just a negligible in size. I just saved an empty scene with the V-Ray data in, and the file is 180 KB. The V-Ray data is just 32 KB in this case.

Disabling the plugin will certainly not save the plugin data, if that fixes your problem, then I’ll be very interesting to see why you get 2 Gigs of “defaults”