Save script on close... but I forget what it is... visual help please?

So… I have been working in Rhino for a day and close it to go home and this pops up:

And my mind goes… damn… what is that? Did I remember to save that code I was working on? Is it an important proof of concept I should keep? Was that part of the previous project that I forgot to save?

And then I save it to the desktop. Named “what is this 4” or somehting smart :slight_smile:
So do you think it would be possible in V7 to open the script editor and show us the script it is referring to? That would be great for absent minded multitaskers :smiley:


That would be nice, it could display the script code maybe in the same dialog. When i get this dialog shown above i hope that i did run this script last, then it is located here:



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agree, +1 on this one.


And the same for Grasshopper definitions.

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Thanks, plus-one here as well.


Ok, this is even more apparent when I have two scripts and I know that I should have saved one of them… But which one is it? (I know, my habits are bad and I should always save them before running them…)


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