Save RhinoCam Geometry

Is there a plugin for rhino or grasshopper that allows to save the output of the CNC machining ?
Modeling with boolean operations doesn’t give correct results always and is very heavy.
I used rhinocam before but it does not allow to save the geometry.
also for madcam, it seems to be the same.

Your post is very confusing. What do you mean by “save the output of the CNC machining?” Both products you mentioned allow you to produce g-code to run your machine (assuming you have a post-processor correctly configured), and both products allow you to save the file with the tool paths.

I think you need to be more specific on what it is that you are asking.


I guess he wants to save the simulator mesh.

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I mean the output mesh as a digital geometry I can use in rhino not the g-code.

My guess is that would be a question for the plug-in developers.

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I use RhinoCam regularly and I think it’s great for getting parts made but Rhino is much better at producing a digital model. So you might be better off spending the time to learn how to model the parts you want in Rhino rather than trying to import a visualization mesh from RhinoCam. Plus the nurbs or subD objects will be easier to control then a mesh. If Booleans are not working there are probably other strategies you can use.


Hi Abraham
I agree it is much easy to model in rhino, the problem, it is a little bit complicated shape that needs to be done using boolean operations and sometimes it becomes too heavy that the file almost crashes, meanwhile the result takes 1 minute to be done using rhinocam.
“You can export the simulated model as mesh (STL).”
… even if the post is 10 years old - i think it s still possible…

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thank you so much!

I also have experienced problems with booleans in Rhino. Sometimes I find it’s easier to revert to a series of individual operations. If you want to try to retain nurbs or subD geometry here is a link to a Wiki page on the subject I have found very helpful…

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Yes, it’s still possible.