Save reminder

I want to make a simple script that notifies me to save the file, if i choose to do so.

The autosave function is not reliable and it is slow, so I would prefer this kind of as-unobtrusive-as-possible-but-still-apparent reminder.

Ideally this would popup a little box in the corner, like a mac os notification or outlook e-mail preview, that says “you haven’t saved in 15 minutes. do you want to save now?” save, incremental save, save as"

is something like that possible?

There’s probably Desktop gadgets and widgets that will do that.
Also, Autosave is no substitute for clicking on the Save icon from time to time.
They do very different things and are designed for different purposes.

You can initiate an IncrementalSave at the time interval of your choice using these settings. Way better than Autosave. It will put the file(s) in your working directory.


If you right-click on the Info pane (just to the right of the Filter pane) on the status bar and turn on “Minutes from last save”, you will know how long its been since you’ve saved…

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dmoyes: the “idle processing” doesn’t seem to me to be a consistent way of getting a reminder, since i’m not intending to be idle.

that’s why I’m suggesting this kind of thing… the minutes from last save is already implemented. however, I set that particluar area to show the layer of the current selected object only. I don’t like the flashing of different information.

what I would actually prefer:

  • 100% reliable autosave that does not interrupt me. (0 perceivable delay when writing to disk)
  • autosaved file maintains an undo history so I don’t lose anything in-between autosaves either
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There is no reminder. It just saves an incremental copy at the interval you set. It’s useful if you use a short interval. I set it to 120sec. It’s better than the built in autosave and has saved my butt a few times. One drawback is that at the end of the day you can have quite a few copies of your file. Better than too few in a pinch though. There’s an autosave program for Max that is much more sophisticated allowing you to set the save interval and the maximum number of copies. Something like that would be nice for Rhino.