Save original path in auto save file


Whenever I run into the recovery run for a file I wish there was a way Rhino would know where the original file was that located.*

How difficult would it be to add the functionality where autosave fills some meta data with the current file path and name?
If saving would check for this metadata to be present, it would be able to (tell me an) redirected to the folder where my original file was residing in…

*This is V5 behaviour that might already be fixed in V6, also note the crash is due to bad programming on my part.


Could write something in Notes as it Autosaves, perhaps, something like that? That way it would be accessible directly to users with no special tools.


Hi Pascal,

That would ruin any Notes present.

My take would be that autosave knows it’s autosaving, so it could write to some specific document-data-entry to record where the file is being auto-saved from.

A regular Save would not do that, however the regular Save command would check for that specific document-data-entry, if that is present, the file is created via an autosave and probably at the worng location.

I’d expect a popup to tell me I’m redirected to the original location, the Save executed next ( with my chosen filename and location) , would clear the document-data-entry and make the file ‘regular’ again.

On a side note: is it so that autosave files from different instances overwrite eachother?
I might be wrong but I always thought that to be the case and find it countering the advantages of an autosave in case of a crash.


Hi Willem -

Well, yes, ‘ruin’ is maybe a bit strong but yes, it would append or prepend some otherwise useless text in notes for the Autosave version of the file, but that seems like a small price to pay and an easy and accessible way to get you the relevant info and let you do with it what you will. Anyway, I don’t insist… it seemed like a reasonable possibility to me.

Autosave from different instances only overwrite unsaved files to the default Autosave file name; Saved, named files autosave to separate files identified and named per the saved file name itself plus some other stuff - Windows process number or something like that. Is that what you meant?


Hi Pascal,

I doubt it’s something many user will discover, how would a user ever find out that an autosaved file will have that info in it’s notes?

This is indeed my point. Maybe it’s better to have the Autosave.3dm for unsaved files unique per instance as well, add something like the Windows process number as well. In addition: purge all non-current files in the autosave folder.


Right, possibly. My thought was that if the info were in Notes as plain text it would always be accessible to users opening the file, or to any automated system they, or we, might cook up to make it all easier (could be as simple as making sure Notes are open in Autosaved files for example). If it were doc data there is no chance anything but some special tool could know about it.


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