Save order of colours in colour picker - Rhino 7

Hi there,
The ability to save and delete custom colours in the colour wells at the bottom of the colour picker in Rhino 7 is great. However, it would be good to arrange them in order, and for them to stay in that order. At the moment it seems the current colour is always moving to top left, which changes the order of the colours.

I like making a custom greyscale, but it gets confusing which grey is which when they aren’t in order.

Pretty sure this was a feature in Rhino 6.

Hello- the color picker uses color.txt, here:


with the last folder being inside the folder corresponding to the language you are using.
Ah, wait that is for Windows… hold on a second.


I’d agree with this wish. I tend to use certain colours grouped together, so I used to find the coloured pencils useful in one of the previous versions of Rhino (or was it a Mac thing). So being able to organise the colour wells on the colour picker and have them retain that order would be more useful than having them constantly repositioning.

I was always using the pencils in the previous version they were super handy!