Save on startup

I just updated R6 and something remais
It asks to save the project even not touching it (wehn I close rhino after start up) or before opening from About window at startup

Yeah, this was introduced some service release ago.
Driving me nuts!
McNeel, please fix this.

Hi -

With a straight-out-of-the-box installation of Rhino, this doesn’t happen. If it does on your end, it is caused by a custom setting or, most likely, a plug-in.

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Can someone correct the title?

starutp >>> startup


Hello - I know, I see this as well, and so far we have not been able to track this down.


Hi Wim.

I had a look at 3rd party plug-ins in my Rhino 6 installation.
While I have several of these installed, I do use most of them on a daily basis, so uninstalling them is no option.
But I found that for a maverick render trial I installed their export plug-in a year or so ago.
I don’t use maverick anymore, so I disabled it and - what can I say? - the save-at-startup-bug is gone!
Thank you so much!
N.B.: I don’t know if this was the most recent version of the maverick plug-in, but if so, they might be interested in fixing this incompatibility?

Cheers, Norbert

I am not convinced it is plug-in related - or at any rate third party ones, could be one of ours. I had this happen today with a plain vanilla installation of V6… no plug-ins that do not ship with Rhino.


Yeah, seems to be back in my V6 again too.
So probably not Maverick related (as I still have the maverick export plug-in disabled).

Not sure if this is the same problem I have.

When starting Rhino 6 and placing the cursor on the file to open, after clicking the first command is _SaveAs immediately followed by next command _Open.
It seems to me Rhino thinks I allready opend a new file and changed it and now I want to open a existing file.