Save Me! Cant create a surface

I cant figure out how to make a surface! between the 2 edges illustrated in the picture bellow, any help would be amazing :smiley:
Problem.3dm (109.5 KB)

The PlanarSrf command would be one way.

that didnt work for me :frowning:

First, you have 10 duplicated objects in there - use SelDup and Delete.
The conical part is not in the same plane as the box edges, so PlanarSrf will not work.
There are several ways to construct the top surface, one quick “hack” would be:

  • DupEdge the top edges of your box sides
  • Join the 4 curves into a rectangle
  • Loft between the rectangle and the lower edge of the cone.
    (make sure you line up the seam in a reasonable place and that the curve directions match)

Then Join all the surfaces into one closed polysurface. The upper (poly)surface will have creases though.

Closed.3dm (117.5 KB)

Another (smoother) possibility would be to use Patch to create the surface between the rectangle or surface edges above and the lower cone edge. You will have to play with the settings a bit to get the cone to be able to trim the center hole the Patch surface afterwards, in the file below I used 20 x 20 and a stiffness of 0.1. Trim the hole out of the resulting patch surface with the cone, then Join all surfaces to form a closed polysurface.

ClosedPatch.3dm (125.4 KB)

Hey man thank you so much hey, the patch method worked so nice :smiley: