Save macro steps in seperate file


I would like to ask if it possible to save certain macros in separate file or I should use scripts that store macros?


Hi Andras,

One way would be to create your own button for each macro.

Have a look here how to create and edit buttons:

Does that help?

Thanks for your reply Willem, but this idea require files as I described.

Can you elaborate on what your goal is. Your question suggest you want to either store individual macros in separate files or you want to store multiple macros in one file. It’s not clear to me what exactly you want to achieve with the stored macros.


My idea to record certain steps, modification on a base surface. For example a car body. There is no parametric Boolean in Rhino and when I cut the room for the wheels (or door handle) I would like to try more options. I know there is grasshopper but I would like to avoid it.

I might need to look at it from an other perspective and I will need a script with predefined commands instead of insert macro records in the file. This is conceptual.

Why is that? It seems to me that grasshopper is well suited for this. Scripts are also a good option once setup, it’s a one shot run to create the result.

I don’t see how a series of macros is any easier than scripts or a grasshopper definition.


Macros aren’t powerful enough for what you are trying to do. I did have a customer who uses macros created in Excel to do parametric modeling, but he’s a)making wood cabinets, which are fairly simple and b)a retired COBOL programmer.

All right I got it :slight_smile: