Save is very slowly in rhino7

save is very slowly in rhino7
i test in Several different files but in sometimes (most in first time and Times basic changes to 3dm )

test in all version sr10 to sr11 for exmple (also in rhino8wip)
in rhino 6 is good

This saves fast for me.

Maybe try with an unpatched, official Rhino build, and with all third-party plug-ins disabled.

yes! hi when i disable vray plug-in save is ok and fastest
hi @Nikolay
this error in vray 5.10.6
but in 5.10.5 also It creates a bit
I think the problem with the removal of the Save Plug-in Data is fixed
But please fix this bug
@pascal @nathanletwory How to disable the Save Plug-in Data only for the VRay plugin when Save But are active for other plugins?

[Rhino slow saving - #37 by archit.sastra]

The file you attached saves in a fraction of a second for me with plugin data enabled.
In fact there are no V-Ray objects in that file at all and the only thing that V-Ray writes to the file is the settings json. That completes in couple of milliseconds.

Hi -

You can’t.