Save Dialog (paper cut)

the button arrangement in the Save dialog within Grasshopper is jumbled compared to (i think) everywhere else in macOS.

for example, Rhino:


here’s Numbers:


the buttons are left to right: Close without Saving - Cancel - Save
…with Save being highlighted for use with return key.

grasshopper though:

… for whatever reason, that dialog trips me up every time… and each time, i find myself having to read the dialog even though i feel like saving on Mac has been engrained in my brain for quite some time. :confused:

but yes, a paper cut… if others agree it should be rearranged then i’m all for it… if not, then that’s fine too.
(but maybe at the very least, put ‘Save’ instead of ‘Yes’ :wink: )



I agree. Logged in RH-40184. Thanks Jeff!


RH-40184 should be fixed in the latest RhinoWIP (5E199w) and feel much more macOS-friendly. Please give it a go.

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