Save changes to linked file -> Explosion Noises (8.0.23080.12305)

I decided to “eat the pain” and set up my toolbars to get back to trying the WIP. Unfortunately, _PopUpToolbar stopped working, and when I restarted Rhino…90% of the macros I made today were gone.

Every image was a command I made today, complete with an SVG. I’m thinking that saving the toolbar was the culprit, but who knows:

The macros exist, and they remember their SVG. Everything else is gone, though. They aren’t linked to a button, their command field is blank, and the macro name, button, menu, help, and tooltip text are reset to something that probably came from V7.

To avoid the copy-by-ref silliness in V8, I used V7 to get buttons into the proper layout for V8’s silly PopUpToolbar size, then brought them into V8 for editing.

Changes to a custom RUI are not saved in the RUI file when you exit Rhino. They are being saved somewhere between restarts, but the RUI is identical to before it’s edited in the WIP.

Unlink file doesn’t update the RUI either. Luckily, if you re-add the toolbar, the customizations are persisted.

I’m not clicking on Save changes to linked file again.