Save changes to blank file - DocumentProperties pages

I’ve just noticed this -

I have a couple of macros in toolbar buttons for directly opening certain document properties pages, notably Linetypes, Annotations, Grid settings and Hatches. they all look like this:

! _DocumentPropertiesPage _Linetypes

I noticed that if you open a new, blank file, then do the following:

– go to the page Linetypes or Annotations and just look at it but do nothing
– hit OK to close out of it (instead of Cancel)
– hit New to open a new file

You will then get the “Save changes to Untitled?” message even though nothing in the file has been changed. This does not happen if you do the same with the Grid or Hatches pages. It also does not happen if you hit Cancel instead of OK.

You don’t actually need the above macro to reproduce this, just getting to the above pages via Options is sufficient. And, it happens in V6 as well.