Save as Setting

Is there a way to make sure “Save Textures” and “Save Plugin Data” is unchecked automatically. Right now I have to manually turn it off and I sometimes forget to so I am trying to see if there is a setting that will shut it off. Or even if there is a code to do it.

Hi Roger - you can use a macro

! _-SaveAs _SaveTextures=_No _SavePlugInData=_No _Browse


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thank you

I told my customer when they save the file to uncheck the “save textures” and “save plugin” box.
Is there a way I can find out if they are following my instruction once I get the file?

Hi Roger - presumably, if there are textures in the file, they have not. Audit3dmFile will tell you if there is unexpected plug-in data.


Is it possible to get similar details for an .stl file as well?

Hi Roger -

What does “similar” mean in this context? STL files can only contain polygon meshes…