Save As makes my Rhino5 go berzerk

Good morning, here are some shots of the Plug Ins page in the Rhino Options, as well as the View page in Options…I wasn’t sure what Open GL is though.

It’s still glitching today despite RhinoEmboss being uninstalled, and Clayoo being Disabled.

Click the plus next to view, select the OpenGL page under that, and take another screenshot.


Oops, duh, here it is. Now even with Clayoo and RhinoGold Disabled, it’s glitching here. Ugh, I’ll just uninstall all that until anyone has any ideas. Or should I do what my wife suggested and backup all my files and do a ‘System Recovery’ ?

That’s one of the graphics cards we warn people to avoid in the System Requirements.
Try removing the top check mark for using accelerated hardware modes. Then close and restart Rhino. See if Rhino is better behaved that way.

Good luck

I unchecked that box, and closed/reopened Rhino 5. Still glitching. I just finished uninstalling RhinoGold and Clayoo and retried it, still glitching. I’ll retry uninstalling and reinstalling plain Rhino 5 and see if that does anything after being rid of the RhinoGold and others. If that doesn’t work, should I go tabula rasa?

Nathan, my rhino does the same thing, mostly when I’m in a popup window with a drop down arrow and I hit the drop down and screen starts flashing. Sometimes also when I hit save/ export button. Had Macafee go through also and they could’nt find the problem.

Yeah, I spent a long time on the phone with McAfee and Microsoft, and nothing worked. So yesterday I did a full System Recovery to reset it to factory conditions, now it’s working smoothly and normally. I’m now trying to figure out how to get Flamingo nXt and Bongo to show up in Rhino 5. Both are installed, but I don’t see the Flamingo at the top like used to and it is not showing up as an option to be my Renderer. I’ll make a new post about that.