Save as does not change the current file name

My problem is not that the current file name does not change after saving in another file type ( I think that is expected behaviour), but that it also sometimes happens when I save as the same file type but with another name.
In that case the current file name should also be changed. That is almost always the case, but not always. That is what makes it so tricky.

I have issues with that behaviour, but I’ve deleted the post so as not to muddy the waters. Thanks for pointing it out.

If you can find a way to reproduce this, we can fix it.

When a new version is available I will try to reproduce this

I found out that after installing an update, the first time I run SaveAs and saved normally, the current file name also changed. But after saving it as a small file, the current file name did not change! (saved as "test2.3dm , but the current file name stayed “test.3dm”)
My second try did not reproduce this, and the current file name was changed as expected.

Was plug-in information included in that save?


I don’t think the box for saving plugin data was checked. The only plugin that was in use was Grasshopper (Is GH still considered as a plugin?)

Hi Erik - if plug-in data is not included (default is to include it) then the save is not ‘complete’ and the file on the disk is not in sync with the open file, so the name is not changed to that new name.


OK, so it has nothing to do with an update or saving small, but including plugin data: yes or no.
Thanks for making that clear, I feel a bit stupid

Well, it is not altogether clear to the user that this would be the case - I don’t know if there is some way to make the entire process more transparent…


“not altogether clear to the user” is an understatement. How did you find out about this behavior?

A “Warning - name of current open file will not be changed” statement would be appropriate.