Save and save -as issue

when i try to save as , or even save i get this error:

please help.

Run the Systeminfo command and post the results here…though it seems like something is screwed up outside of Rhino, and I don’t know if you’re going to be able to fix it without closing Rhino.

closed it loads of times, reopened it -since this morning it causes me trouble and already reworked that part 3 times
report rhino.txt (3.2 KB)

Well your Intel video drivers are extremely old and your nvidia drivers are almost a year old, but an error like that when saving is perhaps more indicative of a problem somewhere else in the computer, something wrong with .Net or elsewhere in Windows itself.

it worked perfectly until last update (yesterday on this machine)

other error when closing rhino 7

Hi Antonia - you have several non-default plug-ins running that are worth chcking:

Bongo 2.0
Flamingo nXt 5.0

The first thing is to disable all of these in Options > Plug-ins page and then close and re-open Rhino and see if that has helped - if so, re-enable these one at a time to see if you can tell which one, if any, causes the problem.


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i updated rhino again yesterday and emptied the recycle in and now works

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