Save and exit?

Just working more with the new Shapediver platform and one thing that I always notice as strange is that when saving a model it does not go back to the normal view of a model, but you have to press exit. But exit just goes to whatever page you were on before, which is sometimes the pending page, but you saved the model so it is no longer in pending.


Could you not change it so that if I press save, it just saves and goes to the normal view of a model. Then you don’t need the exit button.

Or at least make sure the exit button always goes to the model page and not the previous page.

It kind of feels like you wanted the behavior to be smarter than it needs to be. Right now it is very unusual/unexpected and leads to confusion. When it comes to UX, it’s usually a good idea to just do it like everyone else does it and not try to invent some novel way. If I was to guess, from experience I would say that a developer came up with that behavior.

I would say on the model have a button called “Edit”. Then you get into Edit mode and you have “Save” and “Cancel”. Cancel goes back to the model page without saving (and a warning modal if you have “unsaved changes”), pressing save saves the settings and also goes back to the model page.

Ah yes, also this modal is a bit strange:

I think it should have the Options “Yes”, “No, keep default” and “Cancel” (close modal without saving). Pressing “No, keep default” should actually revert the camera to the saved position. Right now you have to exit to see the default position again.

Lastly it actually ALWAYS asks you if you want to update the camera, even when I did nothing. Maybe there should be a way to actively set/update the default camera view, so it doesn’t always pop up with that modal.

We are aware of issues as well as UX improvements for this part of the workflow, thank you for your feedback.

Redirecting to the model page after saving should of course work, this bug will be fixed shortly. We will also do the redirection after clicking save instead of using the Exit button, and replace the Exit button with a Cancel button that resets the unsaved changes on the page.

As for the pop-up dialog, we are still thinking of the best way to handle this point. The legacy platform automatically saved a screenshot and updated the default camera position when clicking on save. The new platform now lets users manually define screenshot(s) and default camera position, but the idea was to still use the Save button to define default values in case none exist yet.

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While we are at UX improvements in the editor:

When you search for settings to import it is very strange that a) you only ever get shown 3 results, so if you have multiple uploads with similar names you can’t find the settings and b) that the model you have open also gets shown as a result, which of course makes no sense: