Sasquatch "Rename Block" works only with one block at a time

The Sasquatch “Rename Block” component seems to work only with single item lists… well, it can rename one block at a time.
The tooltip seems to suggest otherwise :

I wish the component would be upgraded to rename multiple blocks at once.

Thanks to @gankeyu for his component.

hmm i used this last week to rename 150 blocks. i did have issues, if i recall it liked being in a ‘fresh’ script. I was able to renamed multiple blocks tho.

gankeyu’s component is much appreciated.

Errr… what does that mean ?

I remember trying it, it failing, thinking it was because of R7 incompatibility, going and trying it in R6. It would work the first time, but if i changed anything it would fail & i needed to restart the session or replace the component.

I’ll try again here in an hr or so, see what it was exactly.