SAP2000 - Result query

Hi designers,

I’m updating a process with latest version of ggSAP. The analysis log is ok but I havent’ managed to retrieve back Global Reactions with “ggSAPQueryGlobalReaction”. The solver node answers 0.
ggSAP-GlobalReactionQuery.pdf (163.5 KB)

The problem doesn’t occur for node displacements or modal frequencies.

I’ve noted that on the instance baked in SAP2000

I’m not able to display any tables. When I save and open independantly, this feature is active again.

I’ve tried to merge Result Queries before sending to the solver. I’ve tried to add in model options the DefaultFormatFile for tables. No success.

Do you have an idea ? Thanks in advance,

Hi Sylvain,

Thanks for posting. I did check the global reaction component, and found that a problem in the code.
I’ve just pushed a new build to package manager. Can you please update and check?

I did also make some recent improvements to table result query. If you have an example that doesn’t work, can you please share a representative grasshopper script that demonstrates this?



Hi Jon,

Thanks for your responsiveness. Global reaction component is working now.
ggSAP-GlobalReactionQuery_Solved.pdf (177.0 KB)

I have another issue with ggSAPQuery2dProjectedForces. The answer of the solver is
“1. Error in conducting analysis or extracting result. Object reference not set to an instance of an object.” Do you want me to share the gh file ?


It always helps respond quickly if you can share a gh script that demonstrates a problem.

Here is the script. (300.5 KB)

Thanks, it’s an elaborate script. I think the problem is simply there are nulls in the data tree wired in.
Our components don’t really do a great job checking for this, and it will take some time to go back and add that in. I can do it for specific components, or you could use a clean tree component to filter null values out. If you think there is a different reason, please let me know.



Ok, I haven’t noticed the nulls as input of the component. I will have a closer look and get back to you.