SandWorm - new GH plugin for AR modelling of landscapes

Hello everyone,

@Philip3 and I have just released SandWorm - a plugin bridging between analog and digital modelling of landscapes.

You might be familiar with augmented reality sandboxes or tangible table setups which have been around for quite some time now. SandWorm embeds this concept in Grasshopper’s constantly growing ecosystem of computational design tools.

While our plugin was designed to operate in a setup similar to this one:

it’s definitely not limited to such arrangements. In essence, we take the output from a Kinect device (Kinect for Windows or Kinect Azure) and make it available to GH in real-time. There are a few built-in analysis modes specifically tailored to terrain modelling, but hopefully you will come up with other applications too.

You can download SandWorm from the package manager or food4Rhino.

The project is open-source and contributions to its development are more than welcome. More info on the dedicated website.

I’d be curious to hear about how you use it.