Sandcastle conflict with RhinoCommon version


I’m struggling with the sandcastle documentation from a Visual Studio Project for Grasshopper components.
The project references RhinoCommon.dll (Version 5.1.30000.10). I added the same file as reference to the Sandcastle Project. However, the build step fails because of an unresolved assembly reference to RhinoCommon (Version 5.1.30000.4).
I suppose Grasshopper is referring internally to that version? But I have only the newer version on my computer. Do you have any hints how I can proceed to get the sandcastle documentation? Or am I missing something else?

Here is a part of the build log:

[...] References to include (excluding framework assemblies): RhinoCommon, Version=5.1.30000.10, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=552281e97c755530 [...] Generating reflection information... [C:\Program Files (x86)\MSBuild\12.0\bin\MSBuild.exe] MRefBuilder (v2.7.4.0) Copyright c 2006-2013, Microsoft Corporation, All Rights Reserved. Portions Copyright c 2006-2013, Eric Woodruff, All Rights Reserved. Info: Loaded 1 assemblies for reflection and 2 dependency assemblies. MREFBUILDER : error : Unresolved assembly reference: RhinoCommon (RhinoCommon, Version=5.1.30000.4, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=552281e97c755530) required by Grasshopper [...] Last step completed in 00:00:01.7911 SHFB: Error BE0043: Unexpected error detected in last build step. See output above for details.

Thanks for your help!


Maybe you need to redirect assembly version.

I’m confused as to why you are trying to generate SandCastle documentation for Grasshopper. You should be able to get this from Grasshopper by clicking on the help menu. @DavidRutten may also post this information somewhere else online, but I’m not sure of the location right now.

Enza seems to be creating SandCastle docs for his own components. I do indeed use SandCastle to generate GH SDK documentation which can be downloaded via the Grasshopper Help menu.

David Rutten

That makes sense. I guess the quickest solution may be to just email Enza the RhinoCommon assembly that you are compiling against.

If that’ll fix it, sure.

I’ve uploaded the RhinoCommon.dll that Grasshopper for Rhino5 is build against to my dropbox folder:

Great! The file fixed my problem.
Thank you all!


Same problem here to build help files with sandcastle for my own components.
I reference Rhincommon.dll (5.1.30000.13) and Grasshopper.dll ( in my VS project.

But Grasshopper.dll ( targets Rhincommon.dll (5.1.30000.4).

So I got the same MREFBUILDER error as Enza.

Any chance to get the right version of the rhino common.dll ?
What about the next builds when updating rhino & grasshopper in the future ?
Is there a way to tell sandcastle to redirect to the newer version of rhino common ?

Thanks for your help !

Hi David, do you mind uploading that rhinocommon dll again, I am also using sandcastle for documentation and need the DLL you mentioned here. The dropbox link is no longer valid. Thanks!

Sorry Luis,

that link to my dropbox was several computers ago, I no longer have that file as GH for Rhino5 is no longer developed. all current GH versions are build against the current RhinoCommon code.

Hi David,
No problem thanks for the quick reply

Hi Luis,

I still have the file from David’s dropbox (RhinoCommon.dll Version 5.1.30000.4).
If you want to have it, I will upload it somewhere.


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Hi Enza

Great! thank you, could you email it to me


Hi Enza,

Does emailing it work or would you prefer a place to upload?

Thanks again very much

Hi Luis,

I sent the file to your email address.


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